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1. Church security member sentenced for murder: Lessons learned for your security team.

If you serve on or lead an armed security team, or your ministry has an armed security team, you must fully understand the huge responsibility that comes with that decision. The following incident can provide a cautionary tale for all of us to learn from.

Tags: governance, law, protection, bylaws
2. Documenting an incident: Essential information you need to capture.

Of all the liability claims that Brotherhood Mutual pays out each year, bodily injury and medical claims are at the top of the list. If your ministry hasn’t experienced a slip-and-fall incident resulting in an injury, it is just a matter of time until you do.

Tags: liability, insurance, protection, security, accident, incident
3. Have you reviewed your Governance Documents?

For most churches, and many nonprofits, the end of the school year signals the end of the ministry year.  Many of those same churches and nonprofits have fiscal year ends as of June 30.  This is a great time to review what is commonly called your organizational “governance” documents. 

Tags: governance, law, protection, bylaws
4. From the Exiled Nigerian Prince to a Trusted Vendor: It's Time to Pay Attention to Cyber Threats

Remember the days when hackers were imagined as shadowy figures living in their parent's basements, playing video games, and eating Doritos while crafting scam emails? Well, that image is now outdated. The world of cybercrime has evolved, and it's both sophisticated and terrifying. According to a recent annual cyber claims report from an insurance carrier called, Coalition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), received more than 880,000 complaints of cybercrime in 2023 with reported losses of $12.5 billion.

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