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Safe Hiring Solutions provides a broad risk assessment available to you in three track options. The Learning Zone is a learning management system containing video and podcast modules with important training and learning opportunities in key risk areas such as child abuse prevention and security/safety. This track allows you to manage and assign courses to volunteers and employees along with content from our agency and Brotherhood Mutual. The second track is called Assessment Zone which provides software built with security and risk assessment experts that allows you to answer questions about your ministry's procedures. At the end of the assessment, you'll receive a roadmap to addressing your ministry's vulnerable areas. The last track is the Safety On Call which provides a virtual consultant that will spend the day helping your board and ministry leaders implement the roadmap provided.


Plan A Wealth Management is a financial investment company that specializes in Faith Driven & Biblically Responsible Investing so that your investing aligns with the beliefs for which you stand. Advisors will help Pastors and ministry staff plan for their future and help churches set their staff up for retirement while investing in organizations that help advance the Kingdom.

Brad Bryan, Financial Advisor/Marketing Manager -


At Church HR Network, they offer comprehensive HR services for faith-based organizations including churches, nonprofits, schools, camps, colleges, and Mission Sending Organizations both nationally and internationally. They are truly passionate about guiding churches and faith-based organizations through the unique HR changes that they face today; from Operational Audits to Conflict Negotiation and comprehensive Training Solutions, they're here to help you build the foundation so ministry can happen.

Elyce Wyatt, Director of Human Resource Service-


Remodel Health is a health benefits platform designed for faith-based organizations. Like American Church Group, they are passionate about serving Christian ministries, such as churches, schools, colleges, and non-profits. Remodel Health helps ministries transition from group benefits plans by offering individual health benefits to their employees. They walk alongside ministries to navigate the options and help employees choose the solution that's best for them. As an added benefit, Remodel Health can cut health care costs by an average of 35%, allowing ministries to steward the savings to directly impact their mission.

Rudy Mahara, Specialty Sales Manager -


Notion is a smart security system, powered by multifunctional wireless sensors and a smartphone app. The sensors can monitor for water leaks, sounding smoke alarms, temperature changes, and moving doors and windows, sending smartphone alerts the second there's a problem.


LegalAssist serves as a sounding board for ministries, a place ministry leaders can go for resources and legally-sound risk management ideas. Visit LegalAssist to find free, ministry-focused resources and to connect with Brotherhood Mutual's experienced legal team. LegalAssist can start ministries down the path to find the legal answers they need, obtain attorney referrals, and explore other reliable legal resources. If your ministry is facing a legal question or challenge, our legal team can lend a hand, and the service is always free.

Full Strength Network was started in 2015 as a national network of caregivers and service providers passionate about helping burned-out pastors and their families thrive in ministry life. FSN is dedicated to serving anyone in Christian ministry with shepherding responsibilities, including ordained or licensed pastors, ministry leaders, and their spouses. Their MinistryPulse app is available now for download to assist in seeing potential burnout along as a source of encouragement and accountability.


FaithVentures is a one-stop-shop for everything you need for mission and ministry travel. Here, you can book, insure, and manage your trip, with help from experienced professionals. Faith Ventures is a collaboration of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, which provides property and liability insurance coverage for churches and related ministries, and Fly For Good, which provides discounted airfare and travel insurance coverage for volunteers and nonprofits. Together, our teams have nearly a century’s worth of experience working in the insurance industry.


Clergy and ministry tax laws are unique, so it takes dedication and specialization to keep up with legislative changes. Brotherhood Mutual has developed a service to ease this administrative burden for ministries: MinistryWorks®. MinistryWorks offers payroll and tax filing services exclusively for churches and related ministries.

Tonya Miller, Sales Manager -


Voss Lighting is a Christian-owned company whose motto is "We Sell to Tell." They use their position in the marketplace to share the Gospel. At Voss Lighting, they provide lighting products for in and outdoor needs, design services to ensure the right amount of light with the best fixtures for the area, deliver projects that reduce energy, material, and maintenance costs, provide control and/or color for customized light use, and include the right type and quality of fixtures.

Randy Herrick, Lighting Specialist -