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1. Mission Trip Fundraising

If your church or nonprofit engages in short-term, summer mission trips, this time often signals the beginning of fundraising projects. Before you appeal for donations, it is important to review the rules of what the IRS calls “deputized fundraising” making sure you have the proper policies and procedures in place to maintain compliance. Failure to maintain compliance could result in the loss of your tax-exempt status.

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2. 5 Predictions on What is Going to Happen in 2024's Church Insurance Market

Do you ever feel like some words just get overused?  I do.  I live in a house with two teenagers and a sweet little boy who watches everything they do.  The word "literally", gets used in 80% of sentences...  It isn't even impactful anymore.  It means nothing.  Because if they didn't use that word, I would just expect that most of what they were saying was metaphoric in nature.

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3. Is Your Facility Use Agreement Working For You?

With Valentine’s Day upon us and the official May-to-October wedding season not far behind, many couples are searching for the perfect wedding venue.  Schools and performing arts organizations are looking for end-of-year performance and graduation venues.  Your church or nonprofit facility might be the perfect match.  Engaging the opportunity has stewardship and community outreach benefits.  But opening your facilities to other activities and users involves risk.  A Facility Use Policy sets the standard for your facility use.   A Facility Use Agreement implements that standard.  To be effective,  leaders must answer three questions.

Tags: church insurance, ministry, legal agreements, facility rental
4. PART TWO: How protected are members of your safety team? The answer may surprise you.

The focus of this article is to address some of the risks and liabilities associated with having an armed safety team. Click here to read PART ONE.

Tags: church safety, security teams, ministry, hr
5. Client Success Advisors at your Service!

Over the last few years, our agency has continued to grow and expand across the Midwest & Rockies, now spanning six states: Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. Serving over 3,000 ministries and nonprofit organizations, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to support you.

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6. Three common pitfalls that may be hidden in your church's lease

One positive aspect of today’s challenged economy is the availability of underutilized or empty commercial space. Before your ministry takes the plunge into a lease agreement, we want to make sure you're well-informed and prepared to avoid some common pitfalls.

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7. Auto Insurance Trends: What Does that Mean for your Ministry?

Are you tired of constantly hearing about rising expenses? It seems like every time I turn around, whether it's at the grocery store, the gas station, or even dealing with insurance, I'm faced with the reality of higher costs.

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8. Pepper Spray Usage
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9. Protecting Your Assets
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10. Upcoming Security Trainings
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