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1. Three common pitfalls that may be hidden in your church's lease

One positive aspect of today’s challenged economy is the availability of underutilized or empty commercial space. Before your ministry takes the plunge into a lease agreement, we want to make sure you're well-informed and prepared to avoid some common pitfalls.

Tags: ministry, lease, property
2. Rethinking Insurance: Offering a Fresh Perspective

Let's face it, the world is constantly changing, and it's fascinating to witness the rapid evolution happening around us. Some futurists even predict that in the next two decades, the rate of change could be four times what it is today, and an astounding 16 times in 40 years.

Tags: Rethinking insurance, insurance, PC, property, risk mitigation
3. Evaluate Your Ministry's Fire Safety Plan

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s wise for ministries to evaluate their fire safety plan. Whether your ministry is hosting a holiday party, prepping treats for charity, or running a community kitchen, make sure you’re well-prepared with these tips.

Tags: insurance, property, volunteer safety, fire safety
4. October 2022 Blog: What is a 403(B)(9) Retirement Plan?

In this article, Brad Brown from Plan A Wealth Management gives a wonderful insight into why ministries might consider choosing a 403(B)(9) retirement plan.  

Tags: insurance, property, taxes, retirement, retirement plan
5. Inflation's Major Impact on Ministries
Tags: insurance, schools, churches, building, property
6. Report Reveals How Students are Feeling About Their Safety at School
Tags: insurance, schools, building, property, child safety
7. Top 10 Requested Forms
Tags: insurance, schools, churches, building, property
8. Has Your Church Completed a Personal Property Inventory?

Completing a personal property inventory of your church or ministry could be one of the wisest activities you can pursue. If disaster strikes and you file an insurance claim, you may need an inventory highlighting damaged items.

Tags: claims, coverage, insurance, property
9. Is Pikachu Hiding Under a Pew Near You?

Have you checked under your seat in church lately? There may be more hidden in the shadows than communion wafer crumbs. If you’re among the 30 million players of Pokémon Go, Pikachu may join you in church.

Tags: liability, protect, outdoor activities, risk, property, safety
10. Understanding Your Property-Casualty Insurance Policy

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. Learning a few terms can help you develop a better grasp of what characterizes a typical ministry’s insurance policy.

Tags: coverage, insurance, liability, preparing for insurance meeting, property, protect

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