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1. Holiday Season Safety & Security: 3 Things to Plan Before Christmas

The holidays present unique opportunities and challenges for churches that aren’t typical during other times of the year. A lot of the ministries that I work with are seeing steady increases in attendance and are praying for a significant jump in Christmas service participation this year. 

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2. We Want To Hear From You!

There are a lot of hats worn in any growing ministry – and we want to serve every one of them. 

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3. Evaluate Your Ministry's Fire Safety Plan

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s wise for ministries to evaluate their fire safety plan. Whether your ministry is hosting a holiday party, prepping treats for charity, or running a community kitchen, make sure you’re well-prepared with these tips.

Tags: insurance, property, volunteer safety, fire safety
4. October 2022 Blog: What is a 403(B)(9) Retirement Plan?

In this article, Brad Brown from Plan A Wealth Management gives a wonderful insight into why ministries might consider choosing a 403(B)(9) retirement plan.  

Tags: insurance, property, taxes, retirement, retirement plan
5. Inflation's Major Impact on Ministries
Tags: insurance, schools, churches, building, property
6. Report Reveals How Students are Feeling About Their Safety at School
Tags: insurance, schools, building, property, child safety
7. Top 10 Requested Forms
Tags: insurance, schools, churches, building, property
8. Shepherding Ministries in a Time of Change

Anyone who turns on the news, flips through a magazine, or browses the web can see that American society and culture are experiencing rapid transitions. Some ministries have valid concerns that issues surrounding societal shifts may expose them to negative publicity, governmental scrutiny, or litigation.

The questions become: when and how can ministries operate within their deeply held religious beliefs when they may conflict with others’ rights?

Tags: ministry, insurance, religious freedom, protection
9. The WHY Behind Contacting Adjustors First After Storm Damage
Tags: ministry, storm, damage, insurance, roof
10. Consider Your Payment Options
Tags: payment, ministry, convenience, insurance, electronic delivery, online payments

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